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About Us

Real Turkish Delight was established back in 1974 by Bahattin Pektuzun. When he immigrated from Turkey to Australia with his young family he brought with him the art of making this unique confectionery.

Our Commitment to Quality

Real Turkish delight always strived to produce the highest quality products.
Our commitment to quality has been recognised with Real Turkish delight achieving HACCP quality endorsement.

Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) is an internationally recognised system for managing the risks associated with food and beverage safety. Designed to provide increased control during critical stages during food preparation, HACCP is a systematic method using the “Seven Principal System” for analysing and controlling food processes.

Special products for you

Our product is made to a traditional recipe using only the finest ingredients and cooking methods.
We are Halal certified, HACCP endorsed and hold two Guinness world records (1997 & 2005) for the largest Turkish delight.

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